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8:48 a.m. - 2007-06-07
A Passion for Fashion. Or not.
Fashion Faux Pas I Have Made in the Past:

(roughly borrowed idea from kungfukitten)

1. Multi-colored patent leather cork soled, high heeled sandals. These were my absolute FAVORITE shoes as a little girl. Now that I think about it, it's not really a faux pas because I'd totally sport those suckers today!

2. Extreme amounts of teal green eyeliner ala Rikki Rocket of Poison. -Cuz I didn't need nothin but a good time.

3. Wearing lingerie to big hair band concerts. And nothing else. Nuf said.

4. Big hair in general. A good rule of thumb to follow is if your hair is taller than it is long, you might want to brush that shit out already. Axl called and he wants his Aqua Net back.

5. Jeans with the ass ripped out evah so stragetically so you catch a GLIMPSE of pretty lacy panties. Also the knee on the opposite side had to go as well, strictly for cross ventilation purposes.

6. Gloves with the fingers cut out. WTF?

7. Remember in Desperately Seeking Susan Madonna keeping her hair tied back with this big floppy ribbon? Well, for an entire school year I tried (badly) to copy this style with a pink satin ribbon I got on a gift. My mom finally snuck into my room while I was sleeping and threw the damned thing away. (but not before I had SCHOOL PICTURES taken in it!)

8. Braided head-sweat-band-thingies and leg warmers. Gag me with a spoon!

9. Bodysuits and baggy jeans. With all black accessories of course.

10. I was going to mention sportin my plaid back in the Smells Like Teen Spirit days but I still fondly have one of my old flannel shirts in the back of the closet. I can't bring myself to call this a faux pas, because really and truly: anything that reminds me of Eddie Veddar and Kurt Cobain can't be all bad.

I'm sure I'm missing some of my worst. Supressed memories and all that. Anybody else got one to add?



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