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12:38 p.m. - 2007-05-29
The pussy is not your friend.
This morning I picked out a really cute outfit for work. Summer has officially started with the three day weekend spent at the lake so If elt the urge to dress appropriately. I found chocolate brown gouchos, a chocolate, white and turquoise shrug with a little white shirt underneath. Three inch brown leather mules with a little silver buckle. I even flat ironed the shit out of my hair and used some smoothing creme in it. I thought I was looking fucking FLY I tell ya! Until I went to the bathroom at work and noticed you can totally see my nipples through my little white shirt. Cheap ass built in bra.

On the bright side, maybe I'll sell some insurance today! Hey baby, you buyin?

That little tidbit of TMI aside, my bff (i'm tryin to keep up with my texting-savvy friends, rotflmao!) has moved back to the house with her demon-spawn, hell cat. You know the kind of cat that would be totally okay with going to the litter box in the basement of that house from Amityville? In the middle of the night. Without a flashlight. Yeah, that's this cat. She'd take one look at the scary pig devil thing and be all, "fuck you satan, I gotta pee". And she's living in my house. I'm stocking up on Greenies and tuna to leave offerings to appease the angry pussy. (that sounded like porn didn't it? i'm such a dirrrty girrl)

Obviously I'm channeling a 13 year old, so on that sour note, I'm going back to work!

Happy second Monday that's not.



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