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4:40 p.m. - 2007-05-22
I apologize for the lack of communication. I'm currently high on adhesive fumes and that new countertop smell, while simultaneously HATING washing dishes out of my daughter's bathroom sink. Ya know, the one we never use because Heaven freaking Forbid that everyone has their OWN FUCKING SINK in the morning. (deep breaths, ang) So.... needless to say: My pretty new countertops are in! whoo hoo! But my sink is not.

Last night I took a crowbar, a hammer, a screw driver and a large saw to my upper cabinet above the stove. That one was too low for the installer guy to put the microwave up there so we had to rip it out. After two point five seconds of tryping to rip shit apart and not break anything (including my nails) I totally said Fuck it, honey. Here ya go. So Bill tore that shit UP baby! I loves to see me some sweaty man doing home improvementy stuff. (i know, anyone who knows me has heard that before, but it's no less true today than three years ago. screw rolling around on a bed of rose petals for sex, just cover me in paint chips)

Tonight, however, will be somewhat intense as the spouse attempts electrical work. I'm just praying he doesn't fry the fucking breaker box while I'm trying to watch Jordin vs. Blake-the suckiest Idol LIKE EVAH!

But I still want to watch it, no matter how bad it sucks because watching Ryan Seacrest and the rest is like staring into a mirror after two hits of really good acid. You really HATE what you see, but oddly enough are so fascinated by it you can't look away.

Or plug your ears.

So, if no one hears from me any time soon, just assume that either the fucking appliances didn't get delivered on time and the stress caused a small break down OR the husband blew us all to hell and back.



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