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10:30 a.m. - 2007-05-08
Any thought of a current entry here has been (unnoticeably) absent lately. I've been in a funk and unable to communicate properly. Today is not much better, but I'll try to get my brain to cooperate long enough to update.

I'm having some burn out issues at the office. We have a couple of new coworkers and I don't care for either of them. The first is a drug addict/alcoholic who has missed two months out of four trying to kick her habits. I'd be down with that if she wasn't just sitting at home drinking, instead of staying at the clinic she checked herself out of. The second is an uber-gossipy busy body who repeats everything anyone tells her about anything. For example, her neighbor is my husband's assistant. Well, neighbor boy had to leave work early one day for medical reasons. In passing it was mentioned at my office and coworker woman made a strong point to tell me that the neighbor boy was lieing about the medical treatment. This is the same boy she professes to really, really like. I looked at her and said, "You realize my husband is his BOSS, right?" Obviously thinking this woman had either lost her mind or doesn't really care for her neighbor after all. I didn't know she was just a gossip-er-er. My bad. I'll know for next time.

In addition, Gossip-Woman was hired to be a receptionist and do the daily deposit. Well, she informed us already that the deposit sucks and she doesn't want to do it, and she doesn't really like answering the phones. Receptionist! Duh!

All this venting just makes me more pissed off. I'll check back in when I can be civil, and not talk bad about people.



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