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12:39 p.m. - 2007-04-17
A brief update.
Last night, to alleviate some of my EXTREME annoyance at the blatant lack of progress we're making on the home remodel front, I went to the kid's room and did a massive overhaul. I cleaned and rearranged. I dusted and scrubbed. Then, while Chloe was distracted by toontown dot com, I threw all the various crap she had laying around in a large trashbag. Goodbye Mister ninety year old happy meal toys. So long broken down infant toys that you haven't touched in years. Adios outgrown school uniforms and winter boots and shirts that show your little girl belly. Ciao to anything and everything that is kid friendly but not mother approved. Okay, that last part is not exactly true. I don't really approve of most of the crap in the kid's room that is currently taking up space, but she still gets to keep it.

Maybe, just maybe, someone will start installing something soon. Before I start throwing away wedding photos. Wish me luck with that.



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