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8:42 a.m. - 2007-04-12
Fucking Thursday
Have you ever been really excited about a new hair style/cut/color and then had someone totally stick a pin in your balloon? Yeah, well, that's what I'm bitching about this morning, so pull up a chair and commiserate with a nappy headed ho.

(i'm not apologizing for saying nappy headed ho either! suck it NBC!)

Anywhoo... day before yesterday I spent three hours at my local hair guru's salon. I let her trim and razor and primp and foil. Highlights in pale ash blonde, caramel red and brown lowlights. She worked like a demon and when she was done, my hair looked fabulous! (pardon me for bragging, but I looked PIMP!) My hair is about three or four different colors, all blended and natural looking. I LOVE IT!

Then today, one of my co-workers said to another, "Look at Angie's hair! doesn't it look fabulous?" And all the girl said was, "uhn-it looks darker". in a hateful tone of dismissal. Pop goes my balloon. :-(

So Fuck You Mean Ass Co-Worker Bitch! Don Imus would have a field day with you because you're just a big, fat meanie! With a nappy head! So suck my ass and DIE, DIE!

There now, I feel better.

I might need to dub today official Fuck You Thursday. But, I don't have anything else to bitch about.

My countertop estimate came in and it is freaking awesome! This dude hooked me up with beveled edges and a higher backsplash and it's gonna be all custom done on site. (just the home improvementy JARGON makes me giggle) Bevel. Custom. Backsplash. Low-ball estimate. Waiting four weeks... Contractors who make me wait...... never mind.

My right eye has been twitching for about a week now. The other night I woke up bleeding because I clawed my arm in three LARGE places in my sleep. One of which is now infected, thank you very much Ang for having skank fingernails or something. I think I'm officially Bringing the Crazy Back.

Maybe it's time to up my medication, again.

No, the stress is from having too many house projects going on at one time. I honestly didn't see this one coming (duh, dumbass!) but I should've. I mean, I get the crazy eye when more than one person is spending the night at my house. (oh my god! The suitcases! They mock me with their bulkiness and clutter!!!) So, I guess I'll be a little edgy for the next month or so. Sorry for the immediate increase in f-bombs being dropped around here.

Fuck You Thursday, remember?



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