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8:58 a.m. - 2007-03-29
Ramble on
Well, the home improvement shit is progressing nicely. And by nicely I mean that I've picked out appliances for the kitchen, vanity mirrors for the bath, windows and doors, and a sink and faucet. Now I just need countertops and I should be all set to wait for the fucking installation people to call me back for an appointment.

In other news fronts, the bff AND the bio-mother are spending some time at the house. I'm totally fabulous with the friend, she helps me not get the crazy eye when that other woman comes to visit. It could be her, or the large quantities of Grey Goose I've been pouring down my gullet lately. (I kid. Seriously, no vodka since New Year)

Have I mentioned that I've finally discovered the joys of Red Bull? I don't think I have. Let me just say this: all the kick of coffee, but without that slightly obsessive need for me to go put on a Crest whitestrip when I'm done drinking it. Plus it has B vitamins and good stuff in it. I feel so trendy, yet surprisingly health-conscious. Better than Taebo. Or not.

Speaking of working out, does anyone have any motivational ideas for me? I need to peel my chubby ass away from American Idol and embrace an hour or fifteen of Billy Blanks, but I can't seem to make myself want to. Right now my only idea to get myself pumped up is to blow up a LARGE bathing suit photo from last summer and tape it to the fridge. (but I don't want to ugly-up my soon to be delivered new stainless appliance)

Maybe I should just install more full length mirrors. In every room.

Then people would just assume we're freaks or something.

What did you think about "Bringing the Chubby Back" boy getting voted off the stage last night? True, he's not been on his A game the past 2 or so episodes, but COME ON FUCKERS! What about Hayley? Or Sinjaya? Dude, I can sing better than they can. Well, not really but I had to say that.

Must get to work now! Phones are ringing.



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