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8:36 a.m. - 2007-03-20
It's Spring!
The spouse and I finally decided to make a decision regarding our house. We have been vacillating between doing a refi to get a little cash out for some major projects (new windows, replacing old skylights, upgrading master bath's shower, new flooring...) or just selling our house as is and buying a new one. Well, now that I have spring fever and have been a virtual whirlwind of Ms. Home and Garden, I finally just said fuck it! It's time to shit out get off the pot. (good ol Momma-ism there. You'd have to have known her) Let's fix up this one. Then if I still don't love it, Love it, LOVE IT! We'll sell anyway. I'm totally the deciderer in our relationship. Bill just sits on the pot.

Wait, I don't think I like that euphemism. Does that mean I'm the shitter? Shitee?

This past weekend, I rolled up my jeans and donned my gardening gloves (leopard print, cuz I'm such a diva like 'dat) and got to work. I cleaned out all the flower beds, and then I went and bought new flowers. Snapdragons and marigolds and lavender and those big button-looking ones. They are all bright orange, red, yellow, and deep purple. Then I mulched all around anything growing and watered and cleaned. The spouse was put to work planting grass and killing random weeds in the yard. Fucker. He always gets the easy jobs.

Anywhoo... I need to take photos of my superior yard-li-ness because all those flowers I bought will be dead in a couple of weeks.

Have a Fabulous Tuesday!



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