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2:26 p.m. - 2007-03-01
Getting on with normalcy.... or as normal as I get
As I'm sure you can derive from my previous post, my week hasn't been so fabulous. The spouse is still in Vegas for 'work' and my baby Fred-Fred is in kitty cat heaven now but I was a strong Mommy and took care of everything all on my own. My mantra for the week has been "I'm strong, I can handle this on my own". Flying solo was never a big deal when I was younger, but now that I've been married to Mr. Wonderful for 10 plus years, I've grown somewhat reliant upon his broad, sexy shoulders. That's not a bad thing, until I have to be strong alone. Then I realize my fortitude is all rusted out and needs to be drug out and polished.

I finally stopped crying about Freddie. I realize that there wasn't anything that I left undone that could have helped her. But, I do find myself oddly bitter and angry at the new kitty, Spooky, for being able to lay in Freddie's spot and drink out of Fred's new water fountain bowl. I'm no stranger to grief and death so I know that time will get rid of the anger and melancholia. (ooh, didn't that sound all 'poor me' and shit? my bad)

Moving on....

Last night the spousal unit dropped a five into a slot machine (yes, we're big time high rollers at the Groovn-household) and won about $200. That was awesome because he's coming home tomorrow and my wishlist from the Giant Las Vegas Sephora Superstore grows longer every day. How can you be THAT CLOSE to all those glorious, glittery, beautifyingly, smellum good product and NOT FREAKING SHOP for chrisfuckinsakes??!!

I'm expecting something good this time. And I deserve it too. For strong Mommy wants some Stila eyeshadow in Spring palette. To help cover up the massive dark circles and stress induced acne that I'm currently sportin. Mmmm, I'm so hot.

Thanks to everyone that sent me kind thoughts and wishes for my loss. I deeply appreciate your empathy. It makes things a little easier, ya know.

Well, Big Daddy Deep Pockets is flying home from Sin City tomorrow, so I'd better go shave my legs and buy some Clearasil. (and concealer! damn, i look rough)

Peace out.



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