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8:30 a.m. - 2007-02-16
Mean, Disgruntled Pussies
Damn I'm tired. I didn't get much sleep last night to the excessive amounts of Drama at my house. You remember that for VD, I requested a kitten, right? Well, instead I fell in Wove, true wove with a little black girl kitty named Spooky. We adopted her last night from Furr. (Feline rescue and rehome) The process was a little more complicated than expected. We had to agree to follow up visits and a possible home inspection AND I had to sign a contract agreeing that I would not declaw Spooky. (sucks to be my other 2 cats. they're declawed) I did learn how to trim a cat's nails. That is something I never, ever expected to learn. Anywhoo.. I digress.

Let's get back to the drama.

We brought Spook home about 7:30 last night. I also bought my other kitties lots and lots of new treats: A fountain water bowl, catnip, Greenies, wheat grass, and some new toys. We set new kitty up in the spare bedroom with her own food, toys, litter box and bed. I read that it's a good idea to keep cats separated for the first little while, so we played with our new baby until she purred and ate and cleaned herself and went to bed. Spooky is a delicate little girl. Solid black except for a small white spot under her chin. Her ears are HUGE like Dumbo and she has enormous yellow cat eyes. She's beautiful and sweet and I think I love her already.

Freddie hissed all night and tried to sleep on my head. (which she NEVER does) Daphne just wanted her spot on the bed, but Fred was being too much of a bitch to let her up. Sooo Daph spent the night outside the spare bedroom door, meowing at Spooky. Spooky spent the night on the other side of the door, meowing at Daph. Freddie spent the night alternatively horking up the wheat grass we bought her (she overindulged) and purring in my ear because I was letting her share my pillow.

This morning in my sleep-induced fog, I let Spooky out to join the rest of the world. Then I spent the morning either laughing my ass off at Freddie's bitchiness, or comforting Chloe because all the kitties were being difficult.

When I left for the office, Spook was under the bed hiding, Daph was in the front room chillin, and Fred was in Spook's room eating her food.

I hope those bitchy girls don't kill each other while I'm at work.

Or worse, expel bodily fluids on my floors!

happy weekend. update @ 2:35 pm. The cats are pretty much still in the same spots when I went home for lunch. Poor Spooky was almost coming out from under the bed when I fell over from trying to coax/love/beg her to come eat. My expletive scared the fuck out of her so she ran back under. I DID get her to eat a Greenie. Damn. I suck at being a new cat mom.



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