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1:35 p.m. - 2007-02-13
Valentine's Day
I'm eagerly awaiting Valentine's Day this year. And NO, it's not for the obvious reason (chocolate) but because Bill and I bought the munchkin Cinderella 3 for V day and I'm fucking dieing of curiosity to see what happens when that stupid bitch goes back in time and accidentally breaks the glass slipper. Fairy godmother done fucked up in this one.

Anywhoo... I digress. This is supposed to be all about me, not the kid. For the big day, I requested a new baby for my gift this year. NOT a real baby, silly. I haven't been hitting the crack pipe today. A baby kitty! I want a sweet little ball of fluff to cuddle her and hug her and call her George. Alas, the spousal unit was looking, but there are no kittens at the local animal shelter. (isn't he freaking fabulous?? to try and surprise me with a baby kitty, after I only hinting 10 or so times that I really wanted one??)

I'm thinking about going to the local humane society this weekend to play with some of the animals. I could at least donate some money and a little love. They have freaking HORSES TOO!!! Who fucking takes a horse to an animal shelter and drops it off? Damn. Idiots.

Well, in case I get all wrapped up tomorrow (in pink cellophane and hershey's kisses) yall have a Happy Valentine's Day.

Irritating pet peeve of the day: Stupid inbred fuckers who say ValentiMe rather than ValetiNe. Learn to read, dumbass.



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