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2:32 p.m. - 2007-01-29
Back on the Taebo bandwagon
Monday. I fucking HATE Mondays. Damn. The sucktitude ONE day amasses in 24 hours, totally negates the fabulous that is Friday.


My back hurts. Actually, the muscles in my back hurt. I did some Taebo last night, after much, MUCH slacking. I even did just the 30 minute one and daaamnn! I'm pretty sure I heard my tendons creak when I bent over this morning to zip up my boots. You just watch. In a few months time, I'm gonna be bitchin about bulking up and my pants getting tighter. It never fails. I am currently wearing a size 8. (yes, i know i'm a bitch, but i'm still a Flabby McButterpants so don't be hatin) Anywhoo... I got back into a size 8 by laying on the damned couch in a z0l0ft induced haze. I spent about 9 months last year working my ASS off with Taebo, Taebo Bootcamp, Taebo Advanced Bootcamp with the super extra double-time routine using rubber bands specifically designed to beat your ass and I lost 2 MOTHERFUCKING POUNDS! The spouse lost 20! Now, my legs looked like I was a runner or some buff, muscular creature, and I know all that shit about muscle weighing more than fat BUT why does my muscle want to wear a size 12 and my fat a size 8? Huh? Riddle me that, Batman.

I'm thinking about trying Pilates. Something low impact. I don't know if groovn-husband will Pilate with me. I used to do Richard Simmons when I was larger and unable to Taebo just yet and he REFUSED to do Sweatin to the Oldies. I'm not blaming him. Richard in shiny satin red and white striped shorts that were small enough to tell he waxed his bikini line was probably a little too gay for the spouse to handle. Not that he's a homophobe, because I wouldn't put up with that shit. Let's just say he loved Four Weddings and a Funeral, but refused to watch Brokeback Mountain.

Okay, enough writing about working out. I'm going back to work, to pimp some more life insurance. Any takers?



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