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4:49 p.m. - 2007-01-26
things to do this weekend....
Things to do this weekend:

1. Have a beer and some cheesey Outback baconey fries with the spouse.

2. Buy an over the counter form of Nexium. Not Tums either, cause those bitches don't work. (United Healthcare you can suck my ASS!)

3. Take daughter to sleepover, prior to the beer and fries thing.

4. Desperately seek more photos of long, layered hairstyles on the internet and print! print! print! to take to new stylist on Wednesday. (links anyone? I have a roundish/ovalish face and long straight hair)

5. Sleep LATE!!

6. Don't even FUCKING THINK ABOUT WORK! (anybody need to buy some life insurance? I'm pimpin it extra hard!)

Have a fabulous weekend!



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