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9:30 a.m. - 2007-01-03
New Year's Resolutions.
Everyone is so chipper and bright eyed and talking about their New Year's resolutions. The whole concept of a clean slate is exciting, but I've never been one to resolve to do something better only ONCE a year. I verbally castigate myself to be better on a daily basis. So, I can't really justify heaping more pressure on myself. BUT.. due to a little envy on my part of everyone else's good mood... and all that blah blahing about a fresh start, a new year yaddah yaddah... this year I'm gonna make some resolutions.

Here goes:

In 2007, I resolve to be a more attentive parent. Put down my book periodically to play more games with the rugrat.

In 2007, I resolve to ATTEMPT to NOT let the numbers on the bathroom scale influence my ability to be happy. (although I did jog for a mile last night and dusted off the Taebo dvd's. hooyah!)

In 2007, I resolve to be happy and neat and lovely and... and... and...

Yeah, this shit's not really working for me. Sorry.

How about, Here's to 2007. May it be better than 2006. And just leave it at that.



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