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12:53 p.m. - 2006-12-28
I'll show you mine....
Christmas booty:

1) one sparkling new chandelier for the dining room.
2) sexy panties in my stocking from the spouse
3) Fergie cd. (don't be hatin. you KNOW you've been caught singing London Bridge in the shower)
4) Newest Evanessence cd (i heart me some Amy Lee. Hooray for Goth Arkansas bitches!)
5) a big box of mosaic tiles and adhesive
6) a scarf knitting machine thingy I saw at Hobby Lobby and had to have
7) bright red yarn to use with the knitting machine
8) Tommy Girl perfume
9) a stocking full of pasta from Nanny. (don't ask, really. atleast this year it's not a corn husk frog from the Toad Suck festival)
10) tons and tons of cookies and candy
11) a new non-stick skillet
12) Season 2 of House

I think that's all. I'm probably missing a few little things, but generally I made out like a bandit.

WHO says you have to be on the nice list??

What'd you get?

Oh yeah: I forgot the best gift! The spouse bought me two, beautiful hand carved wooden buddha statues. I LOOOOVVEEE them. Rich, dark wood that you just have to run your fingers all over.



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