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1:42 p.m. - 2006-12-19
This and that. Holiday shit.
Okay, Christmas bonuses were given out so I'm officially back in the black. I'm avoiding the mall like the plague (even though I REALLY, REALLY need some new khakis) Because I've been a good little materialist already this year and now need to focus on savings. And not buying any more crap that will just be shipped to the local goodwill store by next Christmas.

My co-worker is listening to the Little Drummer Boy. It's one of my favorite holiday songs. Ba rum pa pum pummm. YES, an atheist can be lovin on some Xmas tunes. Don't be assumin. I'm also a sucker for a good nativity scene as well. Have you noticed that all the good ones have donkeys? You have to love any religious iconic scene that includes jackasses.

I'm trying to figure out what my new year's resolutions will be this year. I always do the trite and say 'lose some weight' or 'get in better shape'. I usually have some financial goals as well. This year I'm thinking about setting a savings goal on a quarterly basis to see if the shorter term might help me stick to it. I almost always get my financial stuff met, but NEVER the personal shit like lose 10 pounds or smoke less.

I suck.
I said it.

Christmas this year, my little baby wants to make her first Christmas dish. All the other women of the family bring something tasty for dinner, and my girl wants to follow suit. (she's such a little GIRL!) Well, I found a recipe to make little penguins out of black olives, cream cheese, carrots, and toothpicks. So Chloe is making hors d'ouvres. Fancy schmancy shit!

I'll be doing my cheese ball. (trust me, you would LOVE MY CHEESEY BALLS) But they're not nearly as good as my sausagey cheesey balls. Round edible snacks rock!

Sorry, I went all nerd girl chef for a minute. Anywhoo... I'm also bringing a turkey (precooked, my momma didn't raise no fucking fool) and a chocolate pie. How long do I need to set the turkey out for it to defrost? And do I just cut off the wrapper and slice that bitch up? I don't want to be messing with birdy guts or any weird shit like that. I'm assuming the guts are cooked as well. And what's up with that whole 'net' thing? I mean, did they cook it in the net they caught it in? Yuck!

I hate turkey anyways. So if it sucks ass, well... I'll still be having the ham, please.

Christmas gifts are wrapped. Menus planned. Overnight guests safely picked up from the airport. Grey Goose purchased. Stocking stuffers are almost all purchased. 5 out of 7 Christmas parties completed. Fuck, I'm out of nog....

Five and a half more days....

Goddamn I'm tired.



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