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10:58 a.m. - 2006-11-15
a month's worth of stress
This past weekend was uneventful. Movies, popcorn, naps, raking leaves...

I'm trying to store up all the free time I can stand, because starting around Thanksgiving, it's balls to the walls until New Year's. Thanksgiving weekend is lunch and then the massive undertaking of decking the halls with bows and lights and gingerbread people. I LoVe Christmas decorations! We've finally progressed to the point of a two day decorating event because I've accumulated so much glittery festive stuff.

The following weekend is the Cheetah Girls concert, for which the spouse and I so magnanimously purchased 4 tickets as a birfday gift for the kid. She gets to invite a friend and we'll rock out and wear cute clothes and generally make the spouse miserable during the entire show.

The weekend after that is the birfday party slumber party for the kid, at which no actual slumbering will be taking place. 5 pre-pubescent girls in my house. At once. I plan on hiding back in the bedroom with a six pack of beer (okay, okay probably a twelve pack) and some movies. I wonder how I could possibly watch a movie with earplugs in?? I could rent something subtitled.

Anywhoo... the following weekend after that (we're up to the 14th, 15th, and 16th) I have the spouse's office Christmas party on Friday night. An extremely boring affair with half claps and kudos to you employee of the year. We only go for the free turkey. And the Christmas bonus. Then Saturday is my office Christmas party. Great food, lots of free booze... so we'll be nice and hungover for the FAMILY Christmas party on Sunday.


Then it's Christmas.

Then it's New Years.

Then it's time to up my meds.

So.... excuse me if I've been a little lazy lately. I'm saving up for when I'll need it.

Happy Hump Day.



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