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8:36 a.m. - 2006-11-08
Wednesday rambling.
Hooray for Democrats!

Actually, I don't give a flying fuck what party you vote for, as long as your choice tries his/her hardest to keep Bush in check. I voted yesterday. Did my civic duty and all that fun stuff. (I just did it for the I Voted! sticker so I'd look all up on current events and shit)

Arkansas? Yeah, we went almost totally Democrat in all our elected peeps. Now if we could just kick all the CONSERVATIVE people out... but I would be lonely with only my sister to play with. :-(

Tonight the spousal unit returns from his week long trip. He's planning on driving most of the night and getting in around 3 or 4am. Yep, he'll be useless Thursday, but I'll still get to lay on him and kiss his tired, whiskery cheeks. Then make him get his lazy ass up and clean out the litter box for christfuckngsakes because I've been on cat poop removal duty for the past 7 days and by damn, it HIS turn!

Anyone who doesn't know me well, would think that last statement was a joke. Well... we'll see about that. You can't let these men get away with anything, because then they'll expect YOU to do the litter box. And make breakfast. And possibly even iron his fucking shirts or something. (i don't do any of the above) Luckily, Bill loves me intensely and worships my hot sexy ass. So I can get away with 'dat.

I'm still riding the whole insomnia train. I think I'm starting to get used to seeing through puffy eyes. I KNOW my stomach has adjusted to drinking eleventy kajillion cups of coffee each morning. But I'm still loving my meds, so whatever side effects I have to deal with... well, bring it on bitch. I'm ready.

I know I've been discussing my mother's little helper a lot lately. It's just that I feel so different that it's always in the forefront of my brain. Sorry to be repetitious. I'll have something new to bitch about in a week or so.

It's Wednesday peeps!
Happy Hump Day.

(although there will be no humping tonight as the daughter will be in the bed with me, waiting anxiously for her daddy to come home)

There's always tomorrow night.



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