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9:09 a.m. - 2006-11-07
Just the two of us
So... freaking... sleepy....

It's been six days since the spousal unit left to go out of town and I haven't screamed at the kid. AT!! ALL!! Hooray for Medication. Usually when Bill leaves, I get extremely depressed. I miss him. I stress because I want to be perfect mom and still keep my house in perfect OCD order and it's a challenge to do it all alone. (kudos to you single parents out there. seriously!) Then I get insomnia because I don't have my toasty warm hubby's broad shoulders to curl up against at night. I do still have my toasty warm daughter to snuggle up against, but her little boney arms and legs are nearly as comfortable to lay on. Sorry baby girl.

Anywhoo... (knocks wood profusely) I haven't had a single meltdown this time and I'm pretty fucking proud. I am a little stressed because all 80 kajillion tubs of frozen cookie dough that the kid sold for her school fundraiser will be in this afternoon. That means I have to deliver all these heavy bitches before they defrost. Sucks!! I'm gonna be all UPS driver and shit. What can Brown do for you?

But, I think this time I'm going to be okay. I've actually played with Chloe, helped with homework, watched movies together, and played board (bored?) games. Bill being gone makes me realize how much more parenting he does that I. But I'm getting better. Some of the fog that I've been enveloped by is starting to lift and maybe, just maybe things will be fine.



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