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2:31 p.m. - 2006-09-18
and the housey project for the weekend was....
I just got a total stranger's ass sweat on my hands. Fucking nasty. Our receptionist was gone to lunch, so I got up to help a customer in the front office. (cuz i can be all ol skool employee of the month and shit) He pulls out this nasty, crumpled SWEATY check from the back pocket of his sweat stained pants and says, "Need to make uh paymnt." So I HAD to take the fucking check from him! KNOWING it was covered in ass sweat. Then I had to wait fifteen mo-fucking minutes while the man sat there and talked about nothing of importance, before I could run to the back and attempt to abrade the affected skin from my hand. The entire time I waiting, my OCD was screeching! I have almost recovered, but O! sweet baby Jesus! the Germ-X I have absorbed, how it stings! STINGS!

I never realized that there could be negative connotations to the words 'dirty money'.

This past weekend was industrious to say the least. I'm almost finished with the new library/reading room. All 5 bookcases are filled and dusted and decorated. The computer has been relocated, and paintings hung. The spouse and and I moved all eleventy kajillion books Friday night. Really, that's how many books we have. KAJILLIONS! This evening I'm going to pick up the brown leather chair and ottoman to complete the 'totally high brow, well-educated, LITERATE people room'. (yeah, like that totally applies to me!) Especially now that all my books on porn has been moved into the first room guests see when they enter my home.

Saturday was spent at a soccer game, then more furniture moving. The extra bedroom that was a studio now houses music equipment and the sunroom is now an art studio. The music stuff is in MY new room. All mine! I finally finished it Saturday night, just in time for Chloe to run in with her Avril Lavigne cd, and lock the door.

Soccer game: lost 2 to 3, but only because the other team were GRABBING OUR KIDS BY THEIR JERSEYS AND FLINGING THEM TO THE GROUND!! I wanted to scream at that stupid fucking ref but I held myself back. (see! I can TOO show some goddamned restraint at times) This one was an away game, over an hour away from the house. Also another little all white, blonde boy group. Inbred little bastards. (i did say the same thing about the last team, but it's totally true in this case as well! promise! I'm not being all soccer mom and shit!)

That's about it. I won't mention the minute details, such as my sunburn and the new basket I bought at a flea market for $4.50. FOUR FIFTY! And it ROCKS! I'll just do some photos instead.

Later homies.



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