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9:51 a.m. - 2006-09-12
Catch up. A long one for me.
Looong time. No talky.

I've been busy doing stuff around the house. Good stuff. Stuff that is fun. Stuff that is cool. Stuff that is hard work.

Okay, enough with the Dick and Jane reading primer crap.

The spousal unit finished all of the beige exterior paint this past weekend, so all we have left there is some more white trim. The new brushed nickel house numbers are hung as well. On the inside, I repainted the kid's bathroom. I figured the girl is almost 9, and it was SO time to get rid of the Little Miss Muffet stuff in her bath. We opted for olive green on the walls, with a white waffle weave shower curtain and bright red accents. It looks good. And grown up. And all the kiddy stuff has been safely deposited at the local Goodwill store. The pool table in the formal living room is being moved out this Thursday. Movers coming at 9:00 am, and the family is a little bummed. I'm not. I'm sick of dusting the fucking thing. New cherry stained bookcases are being delivered soon. To match the cherry desk the spouse inherited from his grandmother. So we're gonna have a library now, rather than a billiards room. (doesn't that sound so upscale? it's not-really. promise.) THEN, the sunroom is being turned into Bill's art studio, so I get the extra bedroom for a space ALL OF MY OWN!!!

Seriously, I told the family about 2 months ago that we have 2000 square feet and only 3 people live here. In all that freaking space, I do not have any to call my very own. I then emphasized that if I didn't get some mo'fucking privacy, the carnage would be horrifying. Thus initiating a jigsaw puzzle of furniture movement, repainting, and furniture purchasing.

You know those little, square plastic puzzles where you move one piece to slide a new square in? Yeah, that's basically what we're doing at the house. Pool table gone, books to living room, art studio to sunroom, and Ang to the bedroom. I'm stoked. Really, really stoked.

Home improvementy stuff is all I have going on right now.

I'm also looking for a good wrinkle cream and a new haircut. Any suggestions? I'm starting to get fine lines around my eyes and cheeks. I'm only 32 dude, I gotta nip this shit in the bud right now. I'm contemplating starting an emergency face lift fund. I figure if I start secretly saving now, in 8 years I should have the funds for a 'touch up'. Is that bad of me? Part of me cringes at my own vanity/stupidity. The other part of me wants the skin I had 10 years ago badly enough to undergo anesthesia. On the bright side, the post-op drugs outta be good. :-)

Saturday was Chloe's first soccer game of the season. We played the Stepford team. All the kids on the other team were white, blonde, about the same height, and looked related. Except for their goalie. He looked the same, except 20 pounds heavier. Ya know, he was the chubby cousin that everyone has.

The mothers on this team were the worst. They showed up on the field with a big white awning. (which none of them dirtied their hands putting up) Then during the entire hour whie the kids were playing, they were either on the cell phone, or sitting in the shade with their perfectly coifed hair, and glowing chemically peeled complexions. Every once in a while, a few of them would break out into spontanious 'half-claps' to show their team spirit.

I, on the other hand, was the ancient Aerosmith shirt wearing, scraggily ponytail having, SCREAMING MY LUNGS OUT, jumping up and down cheering mom. Yep, I rock out so much more than those Hillfigure clad bitches. Fuck you soccer moms! You bore the shit out of me! (and I feel sorry for your stepford kids too!)

But, soccer games are a LOT of fun. Chloe loves it. Bill loves it. And I just can't wait for next Saturday. I'm totally painting my face this time. :-)

Happy Tuesday!
go kick some balls!



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