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3:15 p.m. - 2006-09-01
excitement AND adventure? Really?
Honestly, If I had something good to say, some important news to impart, I would've updating this thing recently.

Work has been, well... Work!

Home has been uneventful. The spouse made homemade mac n cheese last night. It didn't suck.

I put out. On comic book night. That was exciting. It was decreed long ago by all things Good and Wifely, that the husband shall never, ever get laid on Wednesdays. Comic books and sex in one night will spoil him and he will make negative comparisons to all other days of the week, with their inferior lack of the latest Batman AND an orgasm on top.

The kid almost scored a goal at soccer practice last night.

Bill got a bonus at work.
(a small one, though)

I worked out one night, ate ice cream at least two others.

That's about it.

Excitement, adventure.
A jedi craves not these things.

Happy Friday!




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