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8:23 a.m. - 2006-08-09
Vegas baby, Yeah!
Two more days and I'm off to Vegas. This Saturday is my 10 year wedding anniversary. (My daughter is 8, do the math. I was so NOT knocked up when Bill and I got married) The spousal unit ALWAYS goes to Vegas on our anniversary for this stupid ass semi-annual trade show. He can't get out of it. Not that I really believe he's tried that hard. If it was Me? In Vegas? For Free? For one week sans child and spouse? Sign me up bitches. I'm so there.

Anywhoo.. due to this being a milestone anniversary, Bill asked to gracefully decline said invitation. His boss said no. It seems that they really DO work in between drunken bouts of roulette and black jack. As a consolation prize, Bill's boss is paying for my air fare to go out for three days.

I've done this before, and generally it sucks. Bill has to work 9-6 and I'm stuck screwing around either at the show (shopping at REAL wholesale prices!) or lazing around trying not to blow all my nickels at the I Dream of Jeanie slot machine. (Good luck, master) I know, it sounds truly horrid. But this time, the boss is letting Bill have the first two days of set up off. So we'll actually be able to do something together.

I"m thinking about renewing our vows in front of an Elvis impersonator. That's how we both originally wanted to get married. Elope to Vegas and do the heart shaped bed and Elvis wedding. Alas, at ages 22 and 24, full of piss and vinegar with student loans the size of a mortgage payment... we had no fucking money. So we had a traditional wedding that everyone else got to pay for. Works for me, at least the photos were awesome.

I haven't had that usualy 'eager anticipation' thing with this trip. Gambling is something I SUCK at! If the one who dies with the most money wins, count me out. BUT last night I had a dream that Bill and I were standing next to red cherries slot machine and lights were flashing and confetti falling from the sky. So maybe, just maybe, if I'm really nice for the next 2 days and get all my karma in allignment with the orbit of the moon and my chakras are balanced, and my fingers are crossed... I'll win a huge bucketful of cash in Vegas.

Which brings me to my question: What would you do if you won, say, about $500,000? Really??!!

I would quit my job, go back to college and actually graduate this time. I would put $25000 in a long term, high interest cd for Chloe. I would sell my old hooptie (it's in the shop currently) and buy a new car. I don't know what type of car. I like the Mazda 3's, the 2 door Accord Ex's, and maybe a big black Cadillac Escalade with spinner rims. Ya know, just to prove that just because I have money, I can still keep it real, dog.

But not before I got in all in one hundred dollar bills and had sweaty, hot sex all over it.

Happy Wednesday.

Wish me luck!



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