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10:27 a.m. - 2006-08-01
Vent! Vent! Vent!
I did it.

I finally broke down and called the doc to ask for medication. Of course, the stupid fucking cunt would not just call me in the highest dosage of Valium available to mankind. NOOO! I have to go see her, and talk about how stressed I am, and she always looks at me in the this patronizing tone of voice. I just want to scream at her, "Now see here woman! You will hand over drugs to help me calm the fuck down or I'm sueing your ass from prison after they arrest me for the killing spree I'm currently planning!

That ought put a spring in her step on the way to the medicine cabinet. Huh?

Seriously, I'm in such a black mood that I can't find any humor to inject in this story. Let it suffice to say that my hair is falling out in handfulls and I'm chain smoking and I spent an hour in the gym last night sweating like mad, and I even took off from cooking 2 days in a row and grabbed take out and I can't get the kid to wear those goddamned new clothes I spent $200 on because she doesn't like them any longer and this fucking job makes me so goddamned insane that I'm about to explode and even the spouse is pissing and moaning and what the fuck does he have to bitch about I do all the goddamned work around the house and all he does it eat and do the litter box and drink beer and spend fucking money on his eleventy bajillion expensive hobbies like scuba diving and golf and guitars and i'm so stressed that i just turned two paragraphs into one giant run on sentence. I hate that. I am Grammar Girl.

So.... after one big breath of fresh air, I'm going outside to have a smoke.



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