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5:19 p.m. - 2006-07-13
short bitch. nothing new.
I'm a bad person. I took the $500. I'm calling it compensation for the crappy weekend spent on the couch, slurping down bottles of water in the very brief periods of wakefulness that the meds I was on allowed. It wasn't horrible. I mean, I got caught up on some sleep, but I didn't get SHIT done around the house. And, uh, yeah, did I MENTION that we are trying to paint our own house?

Why the fuck again didn't we hire someone to do the work?

Oh yeah, the spouse seems to think it will be easy peasy. It's 103 degrees outside according to the thermometer. My car guages read 107 when I get in to leave the office. And we're not like Vegas down here baby. When we get hot in the south, the humidity levels are so high that each breath you inhale feels like you've just sucked in water along with your o2. I'm talking sweat dripping off the sides of your face after going outside to check the mail HOT.

So I'm painting this weekend. With my $500. What's your plans?



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