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8:17 a.m. - 2006-06-29
Ranting and Raving about this stupid fucking place! Graawr!
Do you know that I am honestly naive enought to believe a vacation would instantly cure job burn out?

Let me set the scenario a little. I have been an insurance agent for a large company for 10 years. I don't own my business, but I'm an 'associate agent' for the owner itself. (don't know why that's all important, let's just leave it at 10 years-crappy ass insurance job) I work in a small office. We have a receptionist, an assistant, three agents, and the business owner. One of the three agents is the owner's son. The other agent also does our out of office work. So she only works about three days a week. Boss only comes in periodically to say hi. Boss' son comes and goes as he pleases. Who does that leave to do the whole 8 to 5 shit??? Ummm... that would be me. (sucks!)

So yesterday, bossy-poo stops by for his weekly 5 minute chat and I pull him into my office to discuss the possibility of closing this Monday for the holiday. I've checked around with some other businesses. The Chamber of Commerce will be closed, Mayor's office open, doc's office closed etc... My boss looked at me and made some half-ass mumbled comment about too many 2 hour lunches lately and we need to work through lunch on Monday to make up for it. I looked at him like he had lost his FUCKING mind!! and smiled and agreed like a good little subordinate. Goddamn this man (who is almost 68) has totally lost his fucking head. I'm the OCD, organized bitch that keeps this place afloat half the time. In addition to my own work, I take care of all of his emails, and make sure he gets to the important corporate stuff so he can keep his contract and license nice and secure. I NEVER EVER take 2 hour lunches. About once a month, I will run over by about 15 minutes or so, and that's because I've gone to lunch with THE ENTIRE OFFICE. I'm so anal retentive and OCD that when I go home to eat my lunch every day, I set the timer on my goddamned microwave to make sure I'm not once single, solitary minute late getting back to this office. I'm here before 8:00 every morning as well.

Breathe Ang, breathe...

Anywhoo.... I have also worked for this company 10 years, and in the past 7 of those, have received 3 raises. THREE! And the last was a fucking quarter! How insulting.

I know, the quarter thing is picky when I do make very, very good money here. I also have unlimited sick time (which I never use) and three weeks vacation. This has me over a barrel because I couldn't find another job like this unless I stay in the insurance business. And I am burnt the fuck out of this job.

so.... my dillemna for the day: How do you cure burn out?

Because I've started flinging the F-bomb around the office on an hourly basis, and need to redirect my thoughts a little.



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