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10:21 a.m. - 2006-06-27
I'm coming ho.. ho.. ho.. ho.. hommme.
I'm baaack!

Vacation was fabulous. Thanks for asking.

I spent five days laying by the pool, looking out at the ocean until noon. After a wonderful lunch at the hotel, it was siesta time, only to be awakened every day by the blowing of the conch shell. This was the only indication of time I had the whole trip. The shell blowing meant 5 o'clock happy hour was starting. Time to slip on shades, and flip flops and head back to the pool for an hour's worth of 2 for 1 drinks. Then back to the room for a quick shower and 'dress' for dinner. By dress I mean moisturizer, lip gloss, sunglasses and more flip flops. That's as formal as it gets on the island baby.

Sumptuous meals followed by leisurely strolls around the square. Mucho cervesas por favor.

I'll post photos when I get a second. I've officially been thrust back into real life, cell phones and email, and alarms and all....

Boo hoo.

The other three days were spent shopping, and partying until 4 am. (Five for laying around while groovn-spouse and his peeps were diving.)

It was such culture shock to come home, that I almost tipped the grocery store clerk Sunday. :-)

More later....
phones are ringing.



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