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9:30 a.m. - 2006-06-13
Pre-Packin Preparations (alliteration is not for the coffee deficient)
I am main-lining the java this morning. Seriously, I have caffeine residue in my veins.

Have you ever worn yourself the hell out prior to a big vacation? I'm in the midst of doing just that. I've been to Walmart eleventy thousand times for 'last minute' forgotten items. (okay, I don't do walmart, groovn-husband goes for me. but i made the list!) We took father-in-law out for an early Father's day dinner to make up for not being here. I've made 4 lists titled something similar to: Rules for the Unsupervised Use of the Groovn-House (for the house sitter) Things to Clean and Scrub Prior to my Arrival Home (for the person who is coming to clean my house the day we get home) Things to Pack for Groovn-child (for the person responsible for taking her to Grandma Pat's house) and finally Things not to Forget to Take (for me, the sleepy person boarding a 6am flight)

Needless to say, it's all starting to grate a teeny weensy bit. I need to wash a load of laundry tonight, iron all of our shorts, and vacuum the living room. Chloe has soccer camp this week so we're making arrangements for my sister to be at her camp graduation on Friday with her camera so we don't feel like shitty parents for missing out. (which i totally do)

I KNOW my daughter is not going to wash her face or brush her teeth the entire time we're gone. I'm going to come home to a dirty, yellow toofed kid who's been on a perpetual sugar high since we kissed her good bye. Any tips on avoiding this?

SEE what it's like to be OCD? SEE??!!!

Luckily I have a lovely new friend and co-worker who will share her lovely little valium with me. I'm fixing to go hit some of that now.

Three More Days Until Bill and Ang's Bogus Journey.

I can't wait. I need a drink.

Happy Tuesday.



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