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4:44 p.m. - 2006-06-08
Oh my aching back!!
I pulled a muscle in my shoulder while working out. HOW I pulled the muscle is my only saving grace. Instead of having to say, "Yeah, I'm clumsy and a total nerd and tripped while trying to recreate the Thriller dance for my 8 year old while explaining who Michael Jackson was and why she should ALWAYS tell an adult if someone touches her girly bits.... "

No. I was REALLY working out. Whoo yah!

Anywhoo... I haven't felt like typing much because moving my arms generate movement to my back and the pain makes me vomit a little bit in the back of my throat. On the bright side I'm going to physical therapy! :-)

(that was a joke that only people who have actually BEEN to physical therapy will understand. Those masochistic FUCKERS!)

I could TOTALLY be a physical therapist. I enjoy watching people flinch with pain. Haven't you ever watched that show "101 Things Removed From the Human Body"? And enjoyed it?! I did just last night. Stupid people are much fodder for enjoyment.

Anywhoo... just dropping in to say hi, and I will totally have to check out the book recommendations. 'Specially since I ain't gonna be working out any time soon. Just gentle stretches and slow walks. I feel like I'm in a Richard Simmons video.


disclaimer: years ago, when I first started working out I was so fat and out of shape that the only work out I could get through was Sweatin to the Oldies. So I ain't dissin Richard. He's an old skool homie from way back.

Happy Thursday.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I tried Valium. Valium is fucking awesome!!



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