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8:59 a.m. - 2006-05-05
Is something wrong she said. of course there is. you're still alive she said.
I had forgotten the sound of your voice. Melodic and smooth, yet gravelly and angst-driven at the same time. With resonance that wraps around and comforts, consoles, awakens something deep inside that hasn't lived in a long, long time.

I love you Eddie Veddar. Thank you for finally releasing a new fucking album.

New Pearl Jam cd?? Fucking fabulous. Honestly not my 100% favorite of all times, but this morning on the way to work, when Eddie started in plaintive wail against the injustices of the world... well, let's just say it was magic that thrust me back into a time when I was hip.

I was on Sundry's site this morning and she posted a wonderful Goth Pix of herself. I was never that daring, and marvelous. Oh, I did the black eyeliner and rebellious look. Jeans properly ripped in the most strategic of places, t-shirts covered in the most apropriate of rock bands and profanity (I still have most of those) Cherry red electric guitar, big hair, leather, silver jewelry and blood red fingernails. But those old photos of me just look like I was the drunk girl at the party, rolling around on the hood of someone's Camaro to a Whitesnake song. Trust me, I did not go THAT FAR.

(pretty damned close though)

I guess what I'm trying to get at here is that nostalgia in it's positive form is good. It makes you happy, and to me, serves as a reminder that all I am now is not mortgages and soccer practice and what's the best bathroom cleaner to get your grout whiter than white.

Have a great weekend.
Rock on!



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