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12:39 p.m. - 2006-05-01
weekends r good. mondays r bad.
My weekend was fine. Thanks for asking. Saturday was stormy and dark all day long. I spent the day engrossed in laundry and a good, cheap romance novel just chock full of steamy, dirty sex. The kid played Nintendo DS all day. In her robe. Hair unbrushed. She did finally relent at bedtime and brush her teeth. Good kid. I don't know what the spousal unit was doing. I was reading and he didn't interrupt me to ask for inconsequential things like lunch.

About 8:00 the power went out so we gathered candles and little battery operated book lights and snuggled in the living room over the Yahtzee board. Man, can you imagine how HOT it was in the olden days, back before the world was round, when people used candles as the sole source of light? Now, I have quite the selection of candles in a plethora of scents, but it got damned HOT in the living room before the power came back on. This is only about 15 candles in a 20 by 22 space. I couldn't imagine no a/c having, wool dress wearing, 6 course dinner parties in a dining room lit by 50 or so candles. With guests who bathed once a week, because any more than that was just an inducement for the evil humours to come into your body.

Shit. I read too many books. Imagine that last scenario, but instead end it with "and he hiked up her skirt and impaled her with his turgid manhood. Breasts heaving, she struggled in vain to keep her face out of the blood pudding. Yeah. That's the kind of shit I enjoy reading.

Some people want to expand their minds and horizons and travel down the trite ass path of fucking enlightenment. I just want to read all about some big breasted chick getting hammered by some well endowed dude. I totally was a man in another life.


BUT.. Sunday I made up for the previous day. I was industrious in the most-welcomed sunshine. After a brief stint to the local Lowe's Home Store, I toiled diligently in the sun, introducing cheerful new flowers into the newly cleaned flower beds. $fifty bucks$ says I'll kill all of them before the month of May is gone. Note to self: must post photos of the beautiful scarlet geraniums before they wither and die.

Oh and hey: that whole 'stop smoking' trance that I went through the other day?? Yeah, not so much any more. I'm doing the taper down method which seems to be working much, much better.

It's Monday.
Go postal.



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