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10:06 a.m. - 2006-04-14
Yay Easter eggs!
Easter eggs ROCK!

Snicker's eggs with the extra little bit of gooey caramel (do you pronounce this care-Uh-mel or karm'l?) in the center that you just want to swirl around on your tongue for a while and savor because something that good must have like, eleventy kajillion calories. Thankfully the Easter-colored foil that these little eggs of goodness are wrapped in doesn't have caloric content printed on them.

Whoo... chocolate high. Come down, Ang. Breathe...

It's odd how someone as un-religious as I am gets so excited about Christian holidays. Mmm, could the reason behind this be that these holidays used to be PAGAN? not christian? And the inner goddess in me is just rejoicing? No, really, it's the commercialism of it all. Pink pastel m&m's, snickers easter eggs, shiny new white leather sandals and an excuse to 'go ahead, Ang. Buy that purse that matches'. Chocolate bunnies, and jelly beans in so many colors that it looks like a Crayola box exploded.

How fucking FUN?!

Also, there is an Easter tradition that I oh-so-luckily married into. Every year, my husband's grandmother entices the adults to hunt for Easter eggs by hiding 200 (that's TWO HUNDRED) money-filled plastic eggs in her back yard. SCORE! Last year I banked about $25. Of course I had to throw some elbows and shove a couple of nephews and my OWN child out of my way. But hey, one of the kids was just learning to walk so I went easy on him. Instead of an elbow to the belly, I just tripped him while no one was looking.

Oopsie. Gabe-y fall down!


Happy Easter Peeps!
(pun totally intended)

Wish me luck on the egg hunt.

sidenote: no small children were actually injured in any part of the Easter celebration. Liability waivers were signed accordingly by most of the adults.



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