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4:40 p.m. - 2006-03-28
Different Hats
I'm going through one of my 'dry periods' where basically every time I log onto D'land, my brain freezes up, my fingers forget how to type, and everything I can think of to say sounds like I'm fucking bored and don't have anything to say.

(now re-read that sentence. point made)

Last night the soccer mom was out in full swing. We actually had a good practice where all of the kids who actually NEED the practice showed up. Yay! Then afterward, some of us stayed late to play on the field. PITCH, I mean. The soccer field is called a pitch. What the fuck ever. I got my 32 year old ass handed to me by three little 7 and 8 year olds. Did you know that in soccer you kick with the SIDE of your foot, not the toes? Yeah, well, I know this now. Last night.... I could've used a memo. I TOTALLY ruined my pedicure. Sucks! (and my big toe still hurts) So much for Miss I'll Kick Your Ass Taebo Girl. ha!

Anywhoo... it was actually a lot of fun. As in I'm SURPRISED at how much fun we had. I was never a sports oriented kid. About mid-teens I was a cheerleader for 2 years. I was the sucky, un-spirited girl with lots of black eye liner that everyone tried not to stare at. Go! Team! Rarhr! Then I quit that peppy shit and just hung out and smoked weed with my friends. I'm not saying I'm clumsy, but everyone else who knows me would. I was the reader. Miss Valedictorian, Class Prez, etc.. etc.. I was also the biggest fucking stoner girl in school, but dressed like one of the preppy bitches. (plus the black eye liner-I like to keep all of my options open)

At the end of my senior year, one of my favorite teachers wrote a note in my yearbook about how amazing it was that so early in life I realized that you have to wear so many different hats. I'll have to find that book. It was one of the nicest things any one has ever said about me. It was also extremely perceptive. How many people have you actually PAID ATTENTION to in the past month? Me? Not many. And that makes me a little disappointed in myself.

But what was said about me years ago still holds true today. I DO wear many hats. I think most people do. I'm Mom, Ang, Groovn-girl, Bitch, Wife, Friend, Soccer mom, Taebo girl, Intellectual, Bubble-Gum, Party Girl, Responsible Woman, Insurance Agent, Miss Manners, Betty Crocker, Ms. Clean, and Girl Who Can't Believe She's Not A Girl Anymore.

Take your pick at any given moment. Like I said before, I like to keep my options open. With that... I'm gathering up my hats and leaving the building.


It's Tuesday so go REALLY listen to someone. It'll be good karma.
(and you might learn something new)



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