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2:32 p.m. - 2006-03-24
Bye Bye B'Jo
Last night was the going away party for my best girl. She's leaving me for new digs in Baltimore and I couldn't be sadder about it. Who will make me come out and play on a school night? Who will come and crash at my house until I'm ready to scream at them to just Go Home for a While Bitch! But the second she leaves I miss her already? Who will buy me margaritas when I'm stressed and then come check on me when I realize that the last margarita kicked my ass and I need the trash can STAT!

And just don't get me started on how jacked up the price of airfare has gotten? Fuck! How am I ever going to fly up to the big, bad North to visit?

But... I can tell she's happy and excited. She's lost a little weight, and started to tan. New, wonderful hair cut. Last night her cheeks were all flushed and eyes sparkly. Of course that could've been the fifteen shots of Maker's Mark she did, but its all really just conjecture after the first three...

My going away gift to her: 10 inches of hard, throbbing, molded plastic with a large motor and several rotating pearl-esque things inside. I figured what the hell?! Single gal in a new city... what else does she need but a good vibrator? My BOSS actually purchased 2 jumbo sized battery packs for her to go with it. I love him. He rocks.

So.. I've got 6 days til D-day and then my girl is gone. I just hope the bitch gets her email set up asap. (she's quite well-known for procrastination)

Happy Friday.
Go do a shot of Maker's Mark. ((shudder))



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