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8:10 a.m. - 2006-03-15
Holy fuck! The mouth on that child!
Have you ever had a morning where your child was so difficult that you actually rethought the whole parenting thing? Yeah, well, I have. Today. I just want to give her back for a little while to see if she's reincarnated into a respectful child who doesn't actually STAMP HER FOOT at me when I am styling her hair because she wants pigtails and I say braids.

Not to mention the mouth on that kid. Good fucking grief I've raised a heathen. She could single handedly (or mouthedly) bring down peace in the middle east (if that goal is ever reached) with one of her tirades.

What's so hard is honestly she's just like me. aaaahh!

If she lives through age 18 without me killing her it will be through no accomplishment of mine.

I truly, deeply, honestly, sincerely am beginning to understand the need for mother's little helper.



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