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9:21 a.m. - 2006-02-23
Race day anticipation
Race day. Race day. Wonderful, shiny race day.

(sung to the tune of 'picture pages')

Today is Race Day. That means it is time once again for me, Angie, to go to the horse races, all expenses paid by my boss, and get totally hammered and lose all my money. It's the beer and the day off work that makes it totally worth it. My boss does this once a year, and I so dearly love him for it. We have Oaklawn drunk-fest day in February and naked, drunk-fest day at the lake in July or August. (okay, the naked part: not necessarily true, but partial nudity is totally acceptable)

Any tips for betting on the ponies?

I'm excited. We're leaving in about 30 minutes, so I need all of you internet people to rub your Budda, say a prayer, chant, or just cross your fingers that I don't:

1. get so drunk i go pee in the parking lot of the extremely formal restaurant we have dinner at.

2. don't completely come home broke.

3. Have a great time and DO NOT spend more than 15 minutes bitching about work.

4. Do not fall down the stairs (again) because I opted for my fashionably high heels, rather than some dorky sensible shoes.

5. And finally, pleeeease don't let me be so hungover tomorrow that it takes me forever to recover.

I've done all five of these things in the years prior so I should be smarter now and not as likely to do these things. (yes, #1 really happened. I had to GO!)

Wish me luck.
Or at least a good time.

Peace out bitches!



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