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8:57 a.m. - 2006-02-14
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Yes, I know this is "just a holiday made up by greeting card and candy companies". How many times do I have to listen to you bitter, no chocolate-havin bitches say that? Can't you at least come up with a more original sentence to complain about V Day? Mmm? Can't you put a little thought into it and maybe surprise me for a change?

I just get sick and tired of dried up, no sex having, no gift exchanging, single people moping around on February 14th like someone has just fucking DIED! What makes today so different from yesterday? You were single and horny on the 13th, yet still managed to smile. Go out and have drinks with a friend! Get a life! Smile and quit being so fucking bitter and melodramatic and maybe, just maybe someone will want to hook up.

Now, that's my rant for the day. If you are one of those bitchy have-nots today: try something new and go buy YOURSELF flowers. and SMILE for chrisfuckingsakes.

Totally on the flip side: when I got up this morning there were little gifts spread all over the house. It seems that Groovn-husband and I were of like minds and left our gifts out for all to find. I had tulips on my vanity. Cards in bathrooms. Teddy bear and card for the kid on the kitchen table. Gifts next to the coffee pot as well. Once we rounded everything up and got ready for work, we were all running a little late. I know, I KNOW we've already technically exchanged gifts. I got new lighting and Bill received $500 worth of fins, goggles, and other various dive paraphanalia. But you still need a little sumpin sumpin on the actual day itself right? Groovn-husband got "Fantastic Four" on dvd, widescreen of course, I'm not a total idiot. Chloe got a big stuffed puppy with a heart in its mouth, and I got tulips. Use your imagination on that one and you can figure out what my geek-boy man wrote in the card. Get it, huh-huh-huh (in the tone of Beavis or Butthead) huh huh huh. He said 'tulips'.

I love my husband. Isn't that obvious?

It's Valentine's. Go put on a red shirt. Buy yourself some flowers. (or if it's REALLY that bad, maybe some vodka) and try to have a little fun! Don't be the bitter single bitch. After all, predictability is so....

Peace out.



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