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10:28 a.m. - 2006-02-06
My weekend was fine. Thanks for asking.
Groovn-husband took me to dinner. Mmm, we had margaritas and Mexican food. Yummy! Totally fucked my diet though. Remember the one single, lonely, solitary pound I've lost in the past 30 days? Well, after margaritas Friday and Super Bowl Sunday hot wings, I've found it again. SUCKS! On the bright side my clothes are fitting a little better. :-) Yay Taebo!

I got my Valentine's gift early. Groovn-husband took down the ugly, builder's special florescent light in my kitchen and installed a beautiful brushed-stainless track system with little amber glass halogen lights. It is abso-freaking-lutely GORGEOUS! My only problem is the new lights aren't as bright and glaring as the old ones and I'm having a hard time adjusting to 'mood-lighting' in my kitchen. This is the one room in my house that I need to be bright. Any suggestions? (keeping in mind that due to Groovn-husband's $2500 scuba equipment and our extended Mexico vacation I'm brizzoke!) I was thinking of getting a couple of inexpensive under the cabinet lights that I can just plug into an outlet. I don't really need to shell out the scratch for an electrician right now. I need to save my pesos for margaritas and a new bathing suit.

Chloe has decided that my Sims 2 Christmas gift is now her favorite thing, like, EVER! She played and played over the weekend. Sunday morning Chloe was playing and electrocuted her girl while making her do t.v. repairs. Oh my GOD! My child cried like she just found out the mouse at Chuck E Cheese's is just a man in a suit!!! I had to hold her and rock her until Groovn-husband figured out that if you don't save the game you get a do-over. My poor electronically addicted baby. We're weaning her off that shit. Starting tonight, she's watching Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and laughing at snot jokes like a normal kid. No more dead Sims girls.

It's Monday.
Try not to cry.



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