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2:48 p.m. - 2006-02-01
Nothing Much Part Deux
So I've been screwing around some of the D'land gold member stuff and is it just me... or is it hard as FUCK to figure out the whole banner ads and html and all that??? hmmm? Is it just ME?

Okay, all computer-related agression aside, I can't honestly think of anything good to say. It's Wednesday. That means it's not Monday. Or how about American Idol last night finally showed a couple of people who didn't sing so badly I was embarrassed for them. The little belly-dancing girl was cute and didn't sing like a horde of locusts screeching across a verdant field.

Oh, how about this: my boss took me out to lunch again today! That's twice since Friday. Yay free grub ROCKS! We had Chili's today. It was crazy tasty.

Groovn-husband has been learning to scuba dive. Classes are 6pm to 9pm two days per week. That's two whole days I don't have to enter the kitchen after work (except to grab the kid something and well... she could stand to drop a few so do I really have to cook? I didn't think so) I decided to wait 2 more years until the child can scuba with me. -she has to be 10 years old-It'll be one of those mother-daughter Hallmarky moments. I'll show her how to clear her mask. She'll help me into my fins. Then we'll laugh at how chubby and flat-chested we look in wetsuits. Ya know, like, bonding. It'll be good.

One other thing that's good: diving burns an average of 800 calories per hour! Yeah baby YEAH!

Happy Wednesday **disclaimer: my daughter does not need to 'drop a few'. I was just trying to justify not feeding the kid tonight.



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