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3:55 p.m. - 2006-01-27
weekend coming soon!!!
It's Friday.

You know what that means! Yes, it means that traditionally I should be gettin a paycheck this afternoon, yet my boss only pays us twice a month so... I'm still poor til Tuesday.

On the bright side, my boss bought lunch today so I ate free. Yay boss! You rock!

At lunch we were discussing the merits of living in certain surrounding areas of the office vs. in the town itself. I was bitching because I don't want to give up living close to good restaurants with an actual ALCOHOL LICENSE and the mall and good theaters that show newly released movies. I want to stay close to the concerts and plays and Children's Museum. I don't want to move out to dry county (for those of you not from Arkansas, email me and I'll explain the devastation that is a 'dry county') dumfuk suburbia and have a 45 minute commute so my daughter can get a decent education. I want the school district she's currently in to fix their high schools so I don't have to sell my home and move. I'm too cheap for private schools and I don't personally believe those types of schools are the best option to raise a 'normal' child in. (if my kid suddenly took to eating quiche-which I LOVE- and drinking with her pinky up, well it would cause my redneck ancestors to roll over in their gunny sack graves) So... no private school.

My co-workers, cheeky bastards that they are, advised me to home school Chloe. (it was said VERY tongue-in-cheek basically I was being made fun of) I politely informed them that if I chose that option, Chloe would have one hell of an extensive vocabulary and would be able to make a bong out of a red delicious apple before her 9th birthday. So what can YOUR mom teach YOU?

In other news fronts, I rented "Flightplan" for tonight. Ya know, it's Jodie Foster's air plane version of "Panic Room". The movie looked somewhat entertaining and I liked "Panic Room" so what the hell... I'll let you know how that works out for me.

One of my peeps is staying at the house for a few days. I won't say much because I'm pretty sure she reads this and she gets all indignant and shit when I post her photos and stuff. All I have to say is... QUIT FUCKING CRYING ALREADY YOU'RE RUINING MY SOFA!!! That and I love you, honey. You can crash at my pad.

Okay, it's Friday. I have friends, vodka, and Jodie Foster. What else do I need?

Have a groovy weekend people.
It's much, much better than work.



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