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10:43 a.m. - 2006-01-18
post-birthday. check out my presents!!!
Birthday update: It like, totally fucking rocked people!

I got a big ol' bottle of my favorite pefume, Poison, and a record player from the kid and spouse. (yeah, fuck you i ASKED for a record player rather than and I-pod or some other trendy, cool gadget. so i'm a throw-back or something but there's no other way to listen to Simon and Garfunkel other than on vinyl) Friends brought me large bottles of vodka, a case of Sol beer, mosaic tiling stuff and a beautiful candle holder. I got potpourri and a silver necklace with matching earrings. Also a silver and garnet necklace as well. The movie Jaws 2 (I already have the first one. My all time favorite movie EVER-other than possibly Breakfast Club) My sister bought me a whisper-thin heather colored shawl from Vicky's Secret. I also got a couple of new cd's from my peeps and a HUGE bouquet of flowers from my father in law, and a smaller, but still just as nice bouquet from my office.

Dude, is this a haul or what? I feel so horribly guilty about whining for not feeling loved on my birthday. Shut up, Ang, you pussy. In addition to all of the wonderful gifts, my best friends came over Friday night and we went out to dinner with my sister. When we got home, Groovn-husband had arranged a surprise party with cake and balloons and everything! This was after the fact he LIED like a dog and told me about my fake surprise party Saturday night at the Flying Saucer so I wouldn't get suspicious. I AM loved! Or at least tolerated for my infinite charm and good looks. :-)

And I found out all of my friends and family are big LIARS! Isn't that the coolest?

Photos will be posted. I promise.

Did anyone watch American Idol last night? Am I the only geek-girl I know who woke up singing, "I shot the Sheriff" this morning? Come on and admit it. You know you did! It might of been in the shower before you woke up well enough to realize what the fuck you were doing, but YOU know it was at least hummed.

This season promises to be more of the same. I honestly didn't see any single person last night that I would root for. I loved me some little Bo Bice last year. He was such a refreshing change, until they made him sing those sucky songs during the finale. He could've won over the little country girl if it wasn't for the fucked up music. WHO thought it would be cool to make rock-boy sing something that sounded like it was from a 1980's Celine Dion album? Only on Fox, man. Only on Fox.

It's Wednesday everone!
I'm gonna go mosaic tile the shit out of something!



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