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9:05 a.m. - 2006-01-13
just rambling
Last night Groovn-husband forced me off the couch to work out. This in itself is humorous as I am usually the forcer and he the forced. So after a fine dinner of lean roasted chicken breast, corn, and garlic potatoes- we did Taebo.

I'm tellin ya now, I had to stop in the middle of the workout to go get the bottle of Tums Extra Strength. THEN I had to stop again because I really really needed my inhaler (not asthmatic, just recovering from the crud) I didn't get the inhaler. I did chew more Tums while doing the roundhouse kicks double time. That would be five sets of eight in under two minutes while mouth-breathing like a whale caught on a sandbar. Ooh yeah, I felt sexy.

My doctor told me to start out slow and in four to six weeks I should be back to normal again. I had absolutely no CLUE as to how slow I had to start out. Jeez!

All illness bitching totally aside, I think I'm going to get in another workout in the morning. I have 13 pounds to lose by June 16th. That's actually the minimum I want to lose. I'd rather drop 23 pounds and buy a skimpy bikini. Who fucking wouldn't?

Now, this is NOT going to turn into a weight loss journal. Sometimes I just feel the urge to write (or type) shit down. As in the whole act of seeing goals in written form makes them more real. I'm all about setting goals too. If you've read any prior entries then you know that I'm the girl with the five year plan. Seriously. It's a good idea to have one.

Here's a sample of things I WILL have accomplished by the time my 37th birthday rolls around. (that' 5 years away for you thoughtless bitches who didn't read my entry about my birthday. fuck, can't i get at least a 'salutations'? much less a 'happy birthday you foul mouthed fucker'?? I'll take either)

Okay, goals:

1. In five years I want to be no more than one year out from getting my bachelor's degree in accounting.

2. I want to have a new car that's completely paid for.

3. I would like to have at least $10000 in my Roth IRA.

4. I would like to have at least $15000 saved for Chloe's college fund.

5. I want to weigh 20 pounds less than I do now.

6. I want to not be a smoker.

7. Through the wonders of modern day science, I want to get rid of that wrinkle above my left eye due to raising that eyebrow at people every time I get annoyed. (I raise it A LOT!)

8. I want to have the ugly tattoo on my left ankle covered up with a new, pretty tattoo. (actually, I'm probably going to have that done by the summer)

9. In five years I want my marriage to be as strong and wonderful as it was when Bill and I first got married. (in layman's terms that means we need to knock boots more often)

10. In five years I want to have raised a little beauty to age 13 without killing her or increasing my already substantial intake of vodka. And even better than that (and more difficult) I want Chloe and I to have a wonderful relationship where she feels comfortable enough to confide in me and yet still likes to cuddle on the couch and watch movies.

I know that last one is a biggie. The others are do-able. I'm not saying the marriage one will be easy. Bill and I have been married almost 10 years and sometimes we both have the tendency to ignore each other in favor of a good book. (or comic book-geek boy! I threw that one in there for you)
But the love in infinitely there, so everything else will fall into place.

But with Chloe, I'm concerned that she's a little too like me in temperament. Head-strong, bossy, determined to have things her own way. Intelligent. A little too vain, a lot too materialistic. Short on people skills sometimes, but over all not a bad person. I think I just stopped describing Chloe and moved on to myself. Oh well, I said we are too similar.

I apologize for the rambling ass format of this one. Something about birthdays tend to make a person introspective.

Happy fucking Friday.
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