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10:33 a.m. - 2006-01-11
I'm a total fucking idiot.

That said, now allow me to elaborate. Last night, I mentioned for the eleventy-kajillionth time that I would like to go out to dinner or something for my birthday.
Sidenote: Bill is notoriously WONDERFUL about my birthday, anniversary, Valentine's etc... He always make a big deal, with presents and flowers and dinner out. He makes the plans, finds a sitter etc... It's just one more reason that keeps me continually satisfied that he is the only man in the universe for me.

Okay, so I kept mentioning birthday dinner. And I kept Getting The Brush Off about it. Ya know that typical guy response that is so a-typical of my husband, "mmm, yeah.. okay, whatever.." And his lackadaisical responses were starting to bother me. Then I overheard him telling his mom that we would not require the services of a babysitter this coming weekend, as Chloe has spent too much time away from home already. So it's at this point that I become all indignant and shit. WTF?? No birthday for me?? So, I'm angry for all of about 15 seconds. Wondering if he's upset because I've been a little self-absorbed lately. I've had the 'flu, strep throat, a head cold etc.. for like, the past 5 weeks. You know when you have the 'flu, the last thing on your mind is a little extra special marital relations, if you know what I'm sayin. So... I was mad for all of about 15 seconds, then I got really, really, REALLY hurt. So I started crying. (and I don't cry!!! I don't like it, I feel like a big pussy, so I don't cry!)
So I cried and cried and Bill said, "Ang I can take it when you're mad at me, but I can't handle you crying" so he told me about my surprise party.

Am I the biggest fucking idiot or what?



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