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8:20 p.m. - 2006-01-08
Beer or Vodka? Which has less calories?
Okay, I finally made my Dland payment so cocmments are back on. I believe I've mentioned before that I'm a total computer 'tard and if it wasn't for my hot, sexy, genius of a husband, I wouldn't be able to post photos or anything. Big snaps for Groovn-husband. (sorry bout the snaps thing, I watched Legally Blonde recently)

Well, the office Christmas party was last night. Whoo hoo. Totally belated this year as my boss was recovering from triple bypass surgery. We had to get him well enough from heart surgery to feed him wine and red meat. Keep laughing, I'm not kidding.

I've only got a few more minutes to come up with some witty reparte. Then the timer goes off on the microwave and I can go take off this fucking Crest white strips. Is is just me or do these things irritate the hell out of you? They taste like peroxide. Oh, the hell we go through for beauty. I need to be doing the whole manicure thing, but that's what early morning coffee at the office is for. Periodically my obsessive compulsive disorder refocuses itself and turns inward. Instead of scrubbing kitchen countertops and laundry room flooring, I start highlighting my hair and whitening my teeth. This is a good thing.


I have 6 more months to the Mexico trip and I need to lose 15 pounds before we go. Let's face it, if I'm running around Cancun (or Cozymel I can't remember where we're going) beaches half naked I'm atleast not going to subject the poor Mexican people to my beer belly. That would be just cruel. Therefore, I have purchased the Billy Blanks bootcamp work out in which to supplement my regular Taebo half hour of torture. This new one is an hour long and focuses on abs. Dude, I'm gonna be so fucking buff.

But here's the dilemna with that. I need to get rid of the beer belly by working out, but without stopping my alcohol intake entirely. If I stop drinking then there's no way I will be able to keep up with the 100 kajillion shots of tequila I will be given by the 5 friends who are going with us. See?!? Didn't I tell you this is a problem? Keeping up my tolerance to booze and still getting in bikini shape? Mmm. I shall have to ponder this one.

I'm thinking of switching to a vodka only diet. Grey Goose and cranberry juice. Not only will I turn that beer belly into rock hard vodka abs, but thanks to the cranberry, I will never have UTI problems, like EVER!

Well, I must go do the whole Sunday night ritual shit to get ready for work tomorrow. Ya know, ironing, picking out uniforms for the kid, sobbing quietly into my pillow, mourning the return of Monday....

G'nite peeps.



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