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10:08 a.m. - 2005-12-28
Post-Christmas cleaning frenzy
Post-Christmas blues??

I'm not melancholy, just ready to get all that fucking red ribbon off my porch rails. I don't have the time right now, but it will all be purged before this coming weekend is over. I want to rip down the holly and mistletoe. Tear into the tree and pull down the stockings hung by the chimney with care. Once it's over baby, it's over. Get those red velvet bows off my freaking chandelier! Time for my annual post-holiday cleaning frenzy.

The only January decorations around my house had better be a large birthday cake for me, and an even larger present next to it. whoo hoo! Here I come big 32. (sucks!)

I got lots and lots of goodies for Christmas. The morning of the 25th was a huge celebration of materialism and greed. Alas, the carnage, it was so fun. I got Sims 2 for my computer, Nickelback and Green Day cd's, a fur-trimmed sweater, and a plethora of stainless steel gadgets and hoo-ha's for my kitchen. Ooh how they sparkle! I can now officially check my hair on my the side of my trashcan. --and spice rack, and paper towel holder, and soap dispenser. No jewelry this year, I specifically advised Groovn-husband that I DID NOT NEED ANY MORE! Wasn't that magnanimous of me? I felt a little like Mother Teresa, declining the offer of wordly riches and diamonds. Speaking of, did you see the Mother Teresa cinnamon roll? Holy cinammony goodness! And someone stole it.

However I did get one of those new, ultra-trendy wine racks with the big metal spirals to put your wine in. Unfortunately, there were only three bottles of booze left after the holidays to put in the rack. But that's okay. I'll buy more!
(not counting the big bottle of Bailey's because that wouldn't fit)

I won't go into the kid's presents, just let it be known that my between my husband and daughter, our household now boasts three Peavey amplifiers and about 16 guitars. Desired birthday gifts for me: head phones.

Those Christmas decoration photos I was gonna post?? Well, Groovn-husband took my digital camera to work, with the cord. He forgot the camera at the office on Christmas morning. Luckily my sister had her camera and was able to pick up the pictorial slack around my home. Otherwise, I would've had to kill him. No Christmas morning photos? Did he WANT to die? Really? Then he brought my camera home, but left the cord. Tell me why I love this man so much? hmm?? Really?

(just in case you missed the jewelry comment.. scroll back up. that'll give you a clue)

Anyways, he brought my shit home so...

photos later

Peace out.



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