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12:55 p.m. - 2005-12-21
This and That
It's Wednesday bitches!

Yep, that means (oh yeah, by the way, who would read a diary that calls its readers bitches? why is this considered cool? That's so fucking 'tarded) Anyway, as I was sayin' bitches! Wednesday means hump day so if you can't hump something... well... atleast go take a long hot shower with the five speed shower head. I LOVE mine! (groovn-husband is out of town again)

Is there ANYONE else as excited about Christmas as I am? I've bought friends and family some awesomely groovy gifts and I can't WAIT to see everyone open them. It's exciting.

Yes, I'm totally glossing over the number of gifts under the tree with MY name on them. Aaah.. Materalism Thy name is Groovn-Girl.

Today is Chloe Violet's Christmas recital at daycare. She attends a church daycare (helloo atheist mom, she's got to learn all that jesusy shit somewhere?!) So I get to leave the office early to go rock out to the soothing sounds of Jingle Bell Rocks. Not that I haven't already heard the little munchkin practice this song 1000 times a day, but this time she gets to sing in ON STAGE! The little diva is just sad she didn't get a solo. (no one got a solo-it's also a politically correct christian daycare) Once again, she's gotta learn that shit from someone. PC-it won't be me!

In other news fronts, my cousin in law's band is playing 12/30 at a local club and I actually got a sitter this close to the holidays/weekend/hunting season. Yes, I really meant that last one too. My mother in law kills Bambi. And little squirrels. So! I get to go see them play. The band is called Tragikally White. Isn't that funny? It's a bunch of quasi-well off young, white guys who sing everything from "Brickhouse" to some Bon Jovi-esque country shit. I usually go pee and get a new beer when the boot scootin' begins. Kidding. I will NEVER go watch boot scootin'. I do have standards, even though I'm from Arkansas.

(and yes, I do have plenty of shoes fuck you very much)

This entry is rambling along quite nicely so I think it's time for a smoke break.

Coming soon: Christmas decoration photos and the new brand of Nog!

Peace out bitches.



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