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2:18 p.m. - 2005-12-19
Getting ready for Christmas!
Monday things to make me smile:

1.I am like, totally almost done with Christmas shopping. Yay!

2. I bought some vanilla flavored Southern Comfort egg nog and it kicks ass! Whoo hoo. I love the nog.

3. Yesterday I got the BEST present while playing "Dirty Santa" with Groovn-husbands family. (that's SANTA, not Sanchez---go buy some fucking glasses already. This ain't Sundry's site)

4. I am wearing a complete new outfit (except for the panties) including new earrings and new black boots.

5. My husband is so fucking wonderful that when a large department store in the mall gave me 2 left boots, he went back by himself to exchange them so I could wear my new boots to yesterday's party. THEN he went back a 3rd time to exchange them again when they gave him 2 different sizes of the same boot. Is he fabulous, or what????? Also is that store retarded or what??

6. We're closing early Friday and are off Monday. So this is technically a short week preceding a long weekend. SCORE!!

7. I got my big, fat ass Christmas bonus from my boss on Thursday and Groovn-husband got his big, fat ass bonus on Friday.... so I'm reeyotch beeyotch!

8. Damn, I love Dave Chappelle Show.

9. I get off work in a couple of hours.

10. As you can see, I'm running out of good things to say about Monday. My boss is recovering nicely from his triple by-pass surgery. Which is good, because I genuinely love the man I work for. When he retires I have no idea what I'll do.

11. I lost one pound this week.

12. I went to a party with lots and lots of food and I had a slice of turkey breast and a spinach leaf salad with cherry tomatoes. (and a piece of pecan pie and some lemon cake and some strawberries)

13. I have successfully dropped kids off at the pool three days in a row. (see number 11)

14. I had sex this weekend. I went shopping this weekend. I went to 2 parties this weekend. I got a present this weekend.

Fourteen really kinda sums it up. Can I stop fucking bragging already??

Oh yeah, and that prior entry about there being 9 shopping days left until Christmas. I don't fucking think I looked at the correct month on the calendar or maybe I was just high or something that day. I think at that time there were more like 12 shopping days left. Which is a moot point now, because there are only 5 shopping days left now not counting today or actual Christmas day. Because dude, if you're still shopping on Christmas day, you're a lame ass gift giver and I don't want the pack of juicy fruit and the slim jims from Jiffy Mart. (because that's the only thing open)

Ooh! I totally thought up the best t-shirt design EVER yesterday and Groovn-husband didn't like it. The front says, (oh yeah, don't steal my shit either!) "JUST BECAUSE I'M A LIBERAL ATHEIST DOESN'T MEAN I'M IMMORAL" and then the back says, "WANNA FUCK?"

Is that the funniest shirt ever??!! My little sis advised there's a web-site you can go to create and sell t-shirts. I'm gonna go make it so I can wear that baby to the New's Year's shin dig we've been invited to.

I'm also going to change that amusing blurb that describes my diary to my new t-shirt design. Then I'll be cool like the big kids.

Anyone else find it humorous that an atheist gets so excited about Christmas?

I don't need to believe in god to qualify for good stocking stuffers.

Just Santa, baby.

Just Santa.

Have a Marvelous Monday
Go buy some Nog for christfuckingsakes.



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