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12:56 p.m. - 2005-10-19
absolutely nothing
Oh my fucking God, will I EVER lose that last 15 pounds of flab off my ass? I am beginning to feel my body comfortably 'settle' into a size 12 (sometimes 14 if I'm pmsing or constipated for more than 3 days at a time) and I hate this shit. I'm doing Taebo again. I haven't bought any Halloween candy yet, even though I want a mini Snickers REAL BAD.
Today I took a diet pill I found in the back of my desk drawer. It had drawer lint stuck to one side of it, but I figured what the hell. Lint doesn't have calories.

We hired a new receptionist yesterday. I thought we were gonna jell until she started talking about being a soccer mom and a mother fucking christian. Then I saw that she drives a mini-van so.... I'm thinking not so much with the stuff in common. No offense to all you other mother fucking christians out there. I promise I won't get offended if you call me a Goddamned atheist. :-) I guess I shouldn't be so judgemental. I mean, she can't help being a stupid sheep that buys in to that whole Jesusey shit. (I swear to god, my daughter made up the word Jesusey! isn't she just fucking fabulous or what?!) And I can't help being intelligent enough to realize that she's a sheep. So we're at a draw then. I'm smart, she's a sheep. Wouldn't I be a master debater? *giggle* say that really fast.

Oh shit, this entry is getting dumber and dumber.

Happy Hump Day.
Get off the computer and go hump something.



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