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9:56 a.m. - 2005-10-12
Shit has been too deep to wade in around here lately. Monday morning, while trying to ingest enough coffee to kill a rat, my boss' wife calls me. She calls me from the parking lot of the office to let me know they are getting a divorce. I won't go into details, in case of a subpoena, but let's just say it's gonna get Ugly around here before it gets any better. To share a little background on this story, I should start by letting you know, I came to work here because of boss' wife (let's call her J) I worked for J's sister for years, then went to work at the office J worked. J helped me through the time my mom died, and when I was pregnant. She talked to me, held my hand and gave advice like a mom would give. She's about the same age my mother would be, had she lived, and I am very, very close to her. I felt fortunate that when she left to get married and go to work with her new husband, that my husband and I soon after moved to the city she then resided in. So, I was able to come work with her again. I love her and her husband both dearly and enjoy being here (most of the time) except for when I actually have to do my job or answer questions or actually interact with our customers. My boss is a generous man, who shows appreciation often to his employees. NOW... and ugly divorce insues and I'm feeling stuck in the middle. I cannot talk to J right now without fear of losing my job. My boss has gone into hiding to avoid divorce papers and our pay day is only days away. EGAD who is going to do our payroll?? I gotta pay the mortgage! That's the lightest of my worries.
I genuinely care about both parties here and the dissolution of their marriage is breaking my heart. It's so shocking. And disheartening. And it only seems to make my marriage more precious.
Bill and I have only been married 9 years, so we're not really at the stage where we have to 'work at it' as so many people are. We have a lot in common, and just enough differences to make things interesting. I'm a bitch, he can be an ass. I like to scream and rant and rave and he likes to ignore me when I reach that point. We are both intelligent, literate, informed, and absorbed with being the best parents to Chloe that we can be. All of those things combined make for one hell of a marriage. Of course I'm leaving out the good parts like how wonderfully hot he is and how I can bounce a quarter off his ass. But there are some things I just don't feel the need to share.
But looking around, at all of the unhappy couples, divorced friends, single and looking and never finding people, I stop and I realize that what I have takes the blue ribbon at the fair for being the best. That scares me a little because I don't want to take it for granted. It's also unnerving to someone as superstitious as I am because every time I talk about my wonderful husband I stop myself from knocking on wood and waiting for the bomb to drop. Then I unclench and realize.....

Bill has been warned I will BE that stalker, crazy ex-wife if he ever decides to trade me in for a younger model. Given how well he knows me, I think that just might frighten him into submission and remove all divorce concerns right out of his head.

Be careful William. I will boil your bunny. (okay I know we don't have any rabbits, but I would totally burn that fucking Takamine to pieces if you even think about it)



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