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10:15 a.m. - 2005-10-04
Camping Trip II
The drive to Blanchard was relatively painless. Chloe had Aunt Jade in the backseat to keep her company, and a Gameboy on her lap to keep her dumbed down so it worked out well.

We only had to stop once for chicken strips (oh my last meal in civilization... how I rolled that stringy day-old chicken around my tongue like the finest of Brie) and then a quick smokey smoke. Because I may be a nicotine addict, but my daughter will not be exposed to 2nd hand smoke, prior to me having a 6 pack or two around the campfire. Then the slow burn coming off those dropped marshmallows should provide enough carcinogens for the entire camp site.

Setting up: shortly after arrival, we began to notice slow, distant booming noises. Uuh.. they seem to be coming from the general direction of those black and gray clouds over there. Damn! I KNEW I shouldn't have brought Billie Jo! Every single B'Jo camping story I've ever heard has started with: Well, we were having fun until the rain started and then later after drying out our sleeping bags and....
But karma, luck, or the force was with us, because we got all three tents up and unpacked before the rain started. Then we all opened a beer (or kool-aid, depending upon age and preference) and did a little rain dance in celebration.

The rest of the time is a blur of too many burnt marshmallows, hot dogs with lots of juice, bacon and eggs fresh in the morning and waaaay too much beer and cigarettes (I'm nothing if not a nature girl) Mmmm smell that fresh air! Where's my lighter? And a good time was had by all. Except for the cold as fuck nights, and Chloe almost ruining her new Sketchers track pants. Why the fuck did I buy her new clothes to take camping for Chrissakes?!?! Thank goodness for Oxyclean.

Next time I'm bringing an electric blanket and a generator. And my flat iron too goddamnit!

Happy Tuesday.



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